CARDET, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus, implemented a workshop engaging 27 policy makers, adult education providers, social partners; and other relevant associations.

A Toolkit for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Adult Education Strategies is making a very good progress. During the last year, the work of the project consortium was broken down into a series of activities.

In Slovenian, on 29th of May 2017, Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) has delivered the first face-to-face Workshop.

One of the challenges faced today is the fact that some Member States do not have comprehensive strategies on Adult Education, whilst, where they exist no measures are taken for updating and monitoring them, identifying gaps and being at the same time in line with the ET2020 strategy.

You can access information on the project and the DIMA outputs on your Android mobile device by downloading the DIMA app from Google Play.

In October 2016, the project DIMA was presented during the 9th Innovative Learning Environments conference that took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. The presentation, described the project, its aims and objectives as well as outputs...

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