Toolkit for developing Strategies for adult education providers

The DIMA 2.0 Toolkit for developing Strategies for adult education providers is a practical, easy-to-use package of resources, developed to support adult education providers (organisations, colleges, institutions) and adult educators to develop effective adult learning strategies, tailored to the needs of low-skilled and low-qualified adults. The objective of this Toolkit is to provide Adult education providers and adult educators with a comprehensive illustration of the strategy development process in adult learning. It consists of the following 11 autonomous but interconnected sections:

  1. Introduction to Adult Education Strategies
  2. Profile and Characteristics of Low-skilled Adults
  3. Conducting Needs Analysis
  4. Mapping Stakeholders and Facilitating Participation
  5. Adapting training to the Characteristics and Needs of Low-skilled Adults
  6. Designing programmes with a focus on low skilled adults
  7. Developing and Implementing Programmes
  8. Monitoring, evaluation and improving strategies
  9. Recognition, validation, and certification
  10. Digital Competency Framework for education organisations and educators
  11. Examples of strategies for adult education

The toolkit was developed based on the findings of extensive research in all partner countries, which included desk research, interviews with key stakeholders from the field of adult education, and questionnaires to adult learners.


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