The Eurydice Network has just released a new report on “Adult education and training in Europe: Building inclusive pathways to skills and qualifications”. The new report investigates current national approaches to promoting Lifelong Learning, with a particular focus on policies and measures supporting adults with low levels of skills and qualifications to access learning opportunities.

The DIMA 2.0 consortium is extremely proud to announce the launch of the DIMA 2.0 e-learning platform.

DIMA 2.0 Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity

Between April 26th and 28th, EAEA organised and hosted the DIMA 2.0 Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) focusing on capacity building and understanding of European Policymaking and stakeholder participation. The group engaged during the training was made of two representatives from each partner of the DIMA 2.0 consortium, diving into European Policymaking using processes addressing Adult Education and Learning.

DIMA 2.0 Newsletter #1

Check out the first newsletter of DIMA 2.0. Find out about the project and its activities in the first 6 months of its implementation.

DIMA 2.0 interview with Marta Molina

As part of the first DIMA 2.0 intellectual output, Fundación Coremsa interviewed key stakeholders to map the needs and gaps related to the education of adults...

DIMA 2.0 interview with Dina Soeiro

Two months ago we interviewed one of European Association for the Education of Adults board members, Dina Soeiro, about her experience working with low skilled adults...

DIMA 2.0 partners meet online

On the 13th of May, partners of the DIMA 2.0 project met online and discussed the progress of the project.