Future in Perspective Limited (FIP) were delighted to host an online seminar for adult education professionals on December 13th 2021, to discuss how we can best support marginalised or low-skilled adult learners in Ireland. This was an engaging event, with lively discussion between all participants. The event also provided us with the opportunity to present and review the project results of the DIMA 2.0 project, which FIP has been developing in collaboration with a team of adult education providers and experts from across Europe, over the last two years.

This event was hosted online by Amie Fitzsimons, who is the community outreach officer working with Future in Perspective. When asked about the event, Amie reflected:

“It is important that we meet as practitioners from time to time, even if it is on Zoom, to ensure that as a sector, adult educators can support one another, especially during these challenging times. With the switch to remote and online teaching, we know that many educational needs have gone unmet since the start of the pandemic, especially for low-skilled adults, and so sharing the resources from the DMA 2.0 project with adult educators in our communities and networks, ensures that we can support one another to address those unmet needs. The DIMA platform is so easy to use and navigate, and the resources range from basic to advanced materials to support adult educators, so it is a very important resource that we are happy to share with our colleagues”.

At FIP, we were delighted with the attendance at the event, and the active participation of all adult educators who attended. We look forward to sharing the DIMA 2.0 materials with others in our networks in the future.

If you have missed out on this event, and would like to access the DIMA 2.0 training materials, please visit: https://elearning.dima-project.eu/ and if you have any questions, you can contact FIP directly through: https://www.facebook.com/futureinsperspective.