On October 6th and 13th, Cesur, with the support of two facilitators Marina and Sonia organised the DIMA 2.0 training for adult education providers and adult educators. This training is a key and fundamental part of the DIMA 2.0 project curriculum, whose main objective is to support adult education providers and adult educators to develop strategies for their organisations and address the needs of low-skilled adults.

This two-day training was offered online through Teams by Sonia and Marina, two experienced professionals in the area of adult learning and coaching. They executed the training impeccably, guiding the participants through all the material and content and generating debates and practical activities which allowed the assistants to engage actively offering them, at the same time, useful insights, and resources (websites, articles, experiences, etc.).

Participants, that are professionals with experience in adult learning, had the opportunity to go through the 4 modules of the DIMA 2.0 curriculum of the and explore the E-Learning platform, whose main features are an e-learning course for adult education providers and educators, with online training modules focusing on strategies that will meet the needs of low-skilled adults, and an e-library with useful resources. They discovered modules 2 and 3 using the platform and modules 1 and 4 with the help of the facilitators.

With this training, the purpose was to support the professional development of adult education providers to improve and extend the supply of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of low-skilled and low qualified individuals. The primary target groups for this project are, adult education providers, adult educators working with low-skilled/ low qualified adult learners, and adult learners.

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