On October 6th and 13th, Cesur organises training seminars for adult education providers and adult educators. The seminars will be held online. The training is a key and fundamental part of the DIMA 2.0 project curriculum, whose main objective is to support adult education providers and adult educators to develop strategies for their organisations and address the needs of low-skilled adults.

Both seminars will focus on developing the knowledge and skills of adult education providers to meet the needs and characteristics of low-skilled, low-skilled adults, while serving both the local and other needs of their institutions and national priorities in Spain. Participants will have the opportunity to go through all the material produced by the project and take part in debates and practical activities relevant to the field of adult education.

The seminars will be conducted in the framework of the project "DIMA 2.0 - Developing Strategies for Adult Education Providers and Adult Educators" which is implemented in five European countries by seven organizations to support adult education providers to design, implement and monitor effective strategies for approaching low-skilled adults.

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