The Eurydice Network has just released a new report on “Adult education and training in Europe: Building inclusive pathways to skills and qualifications”. The new report investigates current national approaches to promoting Lifelong Learning, with a particular focus on policies and measures supporting adults with low levels of skills and qualifications to access learning opportunities.

Through various quantitative indicators related to adult education and training, the report examines national measures to coordinate adult education policies and actions. It then provides a national overview of public grant programs in which adults want to provide opportunities to upgrade their skills and qualifications. The report also deals with financial support issues and pays particular attention to financial incentives for low-skilled and low-skilled groups. The approach to achieving a flexible learning pathway is another area of research. The following is a preparatory analysis for the recognition and verification of non-formal and informal learning.

Finally, this report examines the extent to which awareness-raising, volunteering and guidance services support the provision of available learning. The main source of this report is the policy information collected by the Eurydice National Units, which represent 42 education and training systems in 37 European countries. These data were supplemented by qualitative and quantitative data provided by other organisations, such as Cedefop, Eurostat and the OECD.

You can find more information and check out the full report in the following link