DIMA 2.0 interview with Marta Molina

As part of the first DIMA 2.0 intellectual output, Fundación Coremsa interviewed key stakeholders to map the needs and gaps related to the education of adults, with a focus on low-skilled and low-qualified adults. In our interview with Ms. Marta Molina, we asked her about the main challenges regarding the participation in adult education programmes. Her answer was clear: MOTIVATION IS A MUST! Thank you for your participation, Marta!

"The main challenge regarding adult participation is motivation. Keeping learners motivated is essential during the training programmes"

The interviews with key stakeholders, together with desk research conducted by all partners and the distribution of questionnaires were part of a data collection to establish the theoretical framework of the project. The findings from all countries will be included in a Transnational Report which will be released in the upcoming months. Stay tuned to get more news about the DIMA 2.0 project!