This Tool-Kit is a product of the DIMA project ‘A Toolkit for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Adult Education Strategies’. Within this toolkit there are nine modules. The toolkit modules are supported by a ten hour approximately online course that accompanies the toolkit. The aim of this toolkit is to support stakeholders to design, implement and monitor adult education strategies, policies and practises.

The Toolkit is composed of the following modules:

  1. What is Policy (in Adult Education)
  2. Needs Analysis
  3. Stakeholders & Consultations
  4. Policy making as a Process
  5. Developing Strategy
  6. Implementing Strategy
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation
  8. Renewing Policy
  9. Examples of policies and strategies

Each section contains background narrative and template/pro-forma checklists to guide high-level policy makers, area/regional adult education managers, and adult education practitioners enhance their engagement with adult education policy making.

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