Slovenian Institute for adult education (SIAE) is the leading national institution for research and development, quality and education, guidance and validation, promotional and informative activities in the field of adult education. It was founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 1991. 

The SIAE carries out researches, drafts professional bases and evaluations, monitors the development of the adult education systems, develops various non-formal and formal forms of learning, develops programmes to improve adult literacy and pays particular attention to improving access to vulnerable groups of adults to education and learning. It develops the necessary infrastructure to support learning, develops models for the self-evaluation of quality and the validation of prior learning, and provides professional education and training of adult educators. The SIAE informs professionals and the general public about all of these processes and achievements and contributes to the broader awareness of the importance and role of adult education. The SIAE participates in six international projects: SHAPE, GOAL, DIMA, CSFM, EPUO and EPALE and is member of international organisations as EAEA, EDEN, ESREA, EBSN and ICAE. SIAE’s work is organised in four units: Research and development, Quality and education, Guidance and validation and Promotion and information. 


More information on the SIAE, its projects and activities are available on their website.