The Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) is responsible for the administration of public and the supervision of private schools of pre-primary, primary and secondary level as well as the educational institutions of Post-Secondary and Tertiary level and the Universities. It prepares the educational budget, drafts new laws regarding education and sees to the implementation of existing ones. The Minister of Education and Culture is the liaison with the Cabinet for issues Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, having relevant competence in these fields and represents the Republic of Cyprus at the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council of the European Union.

European and International Affairs Office

The mission of the (EIAO) is to contribute to the successful and creative participation of the Ministry of Education and Culture in European and international fora. Through the monitoring of issues arising from international agreements of the Republic of Cyprus and its active participation in the European Union and other international organizations, the (EIAO) aims to:

  • Contribute to the formation of European and International positions in relation to matters of education, culture, youth and sport.
  • Maximize the benefit Cyprus in the fields of education, culture, youth and sport.
  • Facilitate the timely, effective and efficient action of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

To achieve its objectives, the (EIAO) cooperates with all Directorates and Departments of MOEC, the Permanent Representation of Cyprus in Brussels and with the Cyprus Sport Organisation, the Cyprus Youth Board and other government departments. The (EIAO) plays a key role in the continuous improvement of internal coordination within the MOEC, and the MOEC’s coordination with other government agencies and nongovernmental organizations in Cyprus and abroad.

During 2014 (EIAO), promoting its objectives worked in a collegial manner to:

(a) Ensure internal and international policy coordination to achieve MOEC’s constructive contribution in shaping EU’s and other international organisations’ policies in the areas of its competence and to promote their implementation in Cyprus, in a way that supports the priorities set at national level.

(b) Coordinate the preparation of monitoring reports on matters arising from the conventional obligations of Cyprus as EU member-state, and as a member of Annual Report 2014 Ministry of Education and Culture the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth, the International Organisation of Francophonie, ensuring the continued credibility of Cyprus in these international fora.

(c) Organise international visits of the Minister and other MOEC officials abroad, to receive foreign dignitaries in Cyprus and to maintain the efficient communication of MOEC with other stakeholders on international affairs.

(d) Coordinate the conclusion, renewal and implementation of the provisions of international agreements, executive programmes and memoranda of understanding between the MOEC and respective governmental agencies.

Implementation of programs resulting from the International / European cooperation:

  • European Agenda for Adult Learning
  • Euroquiz, Charlemagne Youth Prize, European Parliament, a different perspective, Getting to know Europe
  • Validation of non-formal and informal learning
  • Global Education
  • Month of Francophonie
  • Structured dialogue with young people and youth organisations

In the framework of the MOEC’s new strategic plan the EIAO has worked towards the reinforcement of the MOEC officers’ capacity to take advantage from European and International funding opportunities and programmes.

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