A first step towards achieving the aim is to map the current scene in relation to local and national strategies, policies, and practices on Adult Education and their effectiveness.

Critical review of the state of the art in Adult education will follow and based on the results, the development of a practical toolkit to facilitate the development, monitoring and assessment of adult education will follow.

Several activities will be undertaken during the project for the promotion of the above aims, such as training of key stakeholders on how to use the resources developed to critically review their strategy and/or develop one, implementation of the toolkit in pilot format in each partner country, collect data and revise all tools and processes and case study development in each country.

The project intends to support participating organisations on their work relating to policy development in the field of Adult Learning and identify how strategies can be developed or further improved so as to be effective.

Finally, this toolkit can be used in other contents as well by other organisations working in other fields, such is in VET.