The Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth acknowledges lifelong learning and skills development as key elements in response to the current economic crisis, to demographic ageing and to the broader economic and social strategy of the European Union. Yet, there is a growing consensus that adult learning is currently the weakest link in developing national lifelong-learning systems. 

Participation in adult learning has continued to fall, from 9,8% of the 25-64 year-old population in 2005 to only 9,1% in 2010, thus making the increased ‘ET2020’ target of 15 % by 2020 an even greater challenge (Council Resolution on a renewed European agenda for adult learning, 2011).

One of the challenges faced today is the fact that some MS do not have comprehensive strategies on Adult Education, whilst, where they exist no measures are taken for updating and monitoring them, identifying gaps and being at the same time in line with the ET2020 strategy. 

The DIMA project envisions the development of a practical and innovative toolkit for developing, implementing and monitoring Adult Education strategies, policies and practices, aiming at the infusion of contemporary practices and effective strategies for increasing adults’ participation in education and training in a lifelong learning perspective and enhancing basic skills for specific adult target groups, increasing incentives for adult training.