Maynooth University, through its Department of Adult and Community Education, have participated in a funded Erasmus + European project, entitled DIMA (Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Adult Education Strategies), which aims to encourage development of effective strategies to increase adult participation in education and training across Europe. The DIMA project has produced a practical and innovative online learning resources for adult education practitioners and policy makers.

Multiplier events were held in Maynooth in November 2017 to mark the culmination of the project and to test the usability of the DIMA online toolkit with stakeholders from the adult and further education sector in Ireland. Feedback suggested the DIMA toolkit and DIMA online training de-mystified the policy making process and provided a context to raise awareness among practitioners about their important role in policy making. Feedback also highlighted the importance of consultation in policy making and presents valuable guidelines for policy makers and practitioners to effectively engage in policy making.

Stakeholders were very enthusiastic about the DIMA project and were keen to disseminate this training and to potential beneficiaries in their networks. The project outputs seek to enhance the effective development, implementation and monitoring of adult education strategies, policies and practices at local, regional, national and European levels.

Initial feedback from Multiplier events certainly suggest that the project presents valuable tools and checklists relating to all stages of the policy making process. It is hoped that the DIMA toolkit and online training will assist practitioners in developing effective strategies for increasing adults’ participation in education and training. The online learning toolkit is available on

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